Every Friend was once a Stranger...

The Pastel Strangers Sisters arrive at iBallpythons, New York


We first want to thank Roland from IRES Reptiles in the Netherlands for giving us a chance to work with the amazing genetic powerhouse, the Stranger Gene. We are proud to be one of the first to bring one of the newest, rarest and most exciting ball python genes to the U.S. market.  We have been working on bringing in the Stranger gene for quite some time.  In fact, we have been eye-balling it from the moment we saw it. Lol (does not stand for little old lady).

For those who haven’t heard of the Stranger gene we encourage you to visit www.ires-reptiles.com where you can read all about the exciting history of the Stranger Gene.


The Stranger Gene is a project that we intend to manage extremely well. The ball python market today is one in which many genes will lose value by the time you finish reading this post. Here at iBallpythons we decided to bring in 2 female Pastel Strangers possible Het for Clown with very specific plans for each one. It was an incredibly difficult process to pick between the amazing females Roland offered up.  In the near future you should see why we specifically chose the double gene Pastel Stranger Sisters.  We will say that there was specific reasons for this and there is specific reasons for bringing in two.  As of this writing the gene has been proven to be “at least dominant.” In 2014 IRES did not hatch a single gene stranger or stranger combo not having Clown in it from Stranger X Clown breedings, “except to the Strangers’ mom”.  This in itself is an exciting reason for us to get involved early.


Is Stranger Co-Dom and Is every Stranger het for Clown?

IRES may have these answers by the end of 2016 but, nevertheless this scenario made the purchase of 2 Pastel Strangers a great investment worth making.  It is our belief that the Stranger is already a must have gene for any collection especially Clown collections. Check out the Stranger combos on WOBP or at IRES and decide for yourself! The combos are awesome and the visual Clown combos will amp up any Clown collection hence, why we decided to double down!

Pastel Stranger Clown and Butter Pastel Stranger Clown

If you know us well, the stranger hints have been with you for over 6 months, we have had hashtags on Instagram and if you carefully go back and look at all our video and trailers, the hints of the stranger gene have been on the credits for almost a year. If you have visited us at shows, you may have noticed #strangerthingshavehappened on our banner for a very long time.  It’s the very presentation we have become to be known for.  It has come to be known as the iBall way!!!

We look forward to bringing our amazing fans spectacular new Stranger Combos to drool over in the near future!  You can also join the Stranger Gene keepers Support Group on facebook for updates.


Chris & Danny

iballpythons, Summer 2016